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Promoting Clickbank Products Review

What is clickbank

In 1998, Clickbank was founded by Tim Barber, along with Eileen Barber and Geoff Hoyl to enable niche audiences and digital content producers to connect in a rapidly expanding and noisy environment of websites and digital content that is the internet.

Today, ClickBank specialises in electronic continues to help people gain more financial control and freedom by turning their knowledge, passions, hobbies and work experiences into an additional source of ongoing income. While traditional publishers focus on one-time book sales, Clickbank enables repeat sales over time, across the broadest range of content delivery options and form-factors available today.

You can join Clickbank for free and make money advertising products as a affiliate, or market your own products and have Clickbank affiliates sell for you.

I would highly recommend CBProAds to anybody that is thinking about promoting Clickbank products. 

I have been promoting a few other Clickbank sites over the years but they were all dead and boring looking and not much appeal at all to affiliates or buyers. 

Then I found CBProAds and it was the best looking ClickBank site I have seen in years not to mention all the great options you have to customise just about anything you want.


All of their products are fully customizable to suit your blog or website.  An example block ad is included on this blog and at the bottom of this page, as you can see the content, border, text colors and background are all fully customizable.

Even if you don't have a blog or website you can join CBProAds free and automatically have access to:

  • Clickbank Ad Rotators
  • Clickbank Affiliate Storefronts (CB Mall or CB storefront)
  • Clickbank Affiliate Niche Storefronts
  • Clickbank Storefronts as a WordPress Plugin

The benefits are even greater for paid members, with access to free eBooks you can use or on sell and  an affiliate program, plus paid members get 50% of their Clickbank id automatically embedded in their down line free members ads AND 50% commission on referring other paid members.

The Image below gives a further taste of what CBPro is about.

I hope you found this information illuminating 
and can use these products for your futures success



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